Personal Superannuation

For most people, a healthy superannuation balance is a vital factor in a comfortable retirement. Yet too often, superannuation is scattered across multiple funds, or eaten away in an inefficient or under-performing fund. Many also rely on their superannuation fund for personal insurance, but are often unaware of the limitations and variances between the policies. We help you review your superannuation strategy, and where needed, consolidate your funds into a single quality fund.

How it Works

Superannuation is a means to save for retirement, with your employer generally required to make regular contributions to your superannuation fund,  with the contribution amounts being 9.5% of your salary. The funds are pooled with those of other fund members, and invested on your behalf.

Individuals can also make their own personal contributions into their funds, which can be particularly tax-effective. This can be done by salary-sacrificing or direct contributions.

Superannuation funds, including all MySuper funds, also generally provide personal insurance, covering Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance and Income Protection Insurance. This insurance is generally cheaper than retail insurance, but the quality of insurance is highly variable. Many people will only find out the limitations of their insurance when they go to make a claim.

How We Help

Perera Crowther Financial Services can help you audit your superannuation funds and their balances.

Where beneficial, we can consolidate or transfer your superannuation into a fund that is tailored to your current financial situation and preferred investment strategy.

We can assist with the setup and management of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) where it is appropriate. SMSFs can be beneficial in particular situations, generally for those with large existing balances and the wherewithal to meet the regulations surrounding SMSF.

We also can review your overall superannuation strategy, and provide advice regarding personal contributions and salary sacrificing. This can be beneficial whether you starting out in your working career, or nearing retirement.

We consider the Insurance offerings of the various superannuation funds, and advise you as to their benefits and limitations. Where necessary, we may suggest taking out additional personal insurance in order to achieve true insurance cover.

Fee Structure

We offer our Superannuation advisory services using a transparent fee-based schedule, which takes into account the balance of funds to be invested, the specific services requested, and the term of ongoing support. We do not receive commissions for new fund placements.

Our conduct is also governed by a fiduciary duty in the Corporations Act to ensure that our recommendations are in the best interests of our clients.

Learn More

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