Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning service involves us providing a comprehensive review of your financial situation and trajectory, with the end-result being a financial plan which we can help implement and review on an ongoing basis.

How it Works

Some of the most common questions we help answer for our clients include:

  • What is my retirement going to look like and how can I improve this outcome?
  • I am thinking of buying a business…is it worthwhile?
  • I have equity in my home…what should I do with it?
  • I have surplus income…where should I put it?
  • How can I build wealth more tax effectively?
  • How do I invest my inheritance?
  • How can I ensure my wishes are met in relation to my assets upon my death?

At the heart of all these questions is the need for a financial plan. A financial plan provides the key to financial freedom, particularly for:

  • People close to retirement with built-up assets, where investment, superannuation and tax decisions can make a significant difference to your post-retirement financial balance
  • Younger people, such as those in their mid-30s, who have the time and earning potential to shape their financial future (or in contrast the ability to quite easily spend it).

A financial plan involves both strategic aspects, and day-to-day aspects such as budgeting.

Preparation of a financial plan involves us meeting with you, reviewing your situation in detail, and developing a Statement of Advice (SOA), which formally details our strategic recommendations, and any fees involved with implementing and reviewing the financial plan.

How We Help

We review your financial situation and trajectory, and develop a financial plan tailored for you, which may cover areas including:

  • Budgeting and management of debt and spending
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Investment options, including:
    • Deposit and Payment Products
    • Government Debentures, Stocks or Bonds
    • Managed Investment Schemes
    • Retirement Savings Account Products
    • Securities

In addition to the above, we tailor ongoing advice programs for those that have financial plans that require ongoing monitoring and review.

Some of our key philosophies include:

  • Capital allocation is key and all investment decisions need to be governed by expected return on investment (ROI).
  • Whilst leverage can assist with accelerating wealth, it can equally destroy wealth.
  • Negative gearing is a benefit only when your expenses exceed your income. As such, no investment decision should have this strategy as the primary focus.
  • Liquidity risk, specific risk, interest rate risk, market risk and sovereign risk are all important factors in framing investment decisions.

We develop financial plans for a wide range of clients, ranging from young professionals starting out in their careers, to business owners and individuals with significant existing assets and investments.

Fee Structure

We offer our Strategic Planning services using a transparent fee-based schedule, which takes into account the balance of funds to be invested, the specific services requested, and the term of ongoing support, which may involve ongoing fees. Preparation of the Statement of Advice involves the quoted fee, even if you do not proceed with implementing the financial plan.

We do not receive commissions for superannuation or investment fund placements. We receive commissions for retail insurance placements if applicable – for details see our Personal Insurance page.

Our conduct is always governed by a fiduciary duty in the Corporations Act to ensure that our recommendations are in the best interests of our clients.

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